Dream Bikes was born from a great passion for cycling and in particular for its technological aspect.

The degree in Aerospace Engineering at Milano Politechnic helped me to aquire a solid foundation of technical competence which then evolved by collaborating with some important companies in the cycling sector in the design and development of high performance components.

At the same time the contribution in creating, mantaining and developing light-bikes.it, the largest Italian community dedicated to light and technolog il contributo nel creare, mantenere e far evolvere light-bikes.it, la più grande community italiana dedicata alle biciclette leggere e tecnologicamente avanzate, mi ha permesso di dimically advanced bicycles, has allowed me to demonstrate the acquired competence and to give free rein to my creativity by creating some among the most exclusive, refined and lightest bicycles seen on the web.

Dream Bikes is therefore a dream that has come true for me and which now allows me to put my experience and professionalism at your service to help you create the bikes of your dreams, your "dream bikes".


 chi siamo



In a consumerist and globalized world, governed by advertising and marketing that impose an artificial lifestyle on us, Dream Bikes stands out for the products and service offered, which go beyond what is described above.

These are mainly high-end items, produced in small series and in an artisanal way by exploiting the passion, skill and creativity of those who still produce with an heart and a soul.

In our store therefore, you will not find trivial, cheap products of unknow origin, but a selection of the most technological, advanced and exclusive components that the market offers with a particular preference for what is in any case made in Italy and in the old Continent.

Our Customers are competent and aware that they are buying high quality products and services and we work to achieve and maintain their satisfaction for a long time.




Dream Bikes stands out not only for the exclusivity of the products offered but also for the quality of the service offered.

We carry out express shipments by Express Couriers with well-kept packaging that allows a presentation of the products worthy of their level.

Our warehouse is always stocked with most of the spare parts needed to restore the products we sell and is assisted by rapid and efficient technical/logistic support. 

In our webstore the products are presented and described accurately with detailed technical data sheets, numerous real photos and actual weights detected, and any attached installation, use and maintenance manuals. This because we want the customer to be  perfectly aware of what he is buying without unpleasant surprises and/or misunderstandings. 

Dream Bikes carries out high-level custom assemblies, based on your tastes and our experience. Let yourself be guided and advised in the best possible way...we will thus be able to transform your dream bikes into reality, your Dream Bikes indeed!

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