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Darimo Carbon 9° Ultralight Flatbar From 79 gr.

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Darimo Carbon 9° Flatbar, with weights from only 79 gr. is the lightest MTB handlebar in the world!. It's made of high module monocoque carbon fiber, super optimized in design and lamination. FEM analysis and lab testing makes it not only ultralight but also safe and reliable (ISO 4210 safety tested). Available in 31.8 mm oversize diameter and widths up to 800 mm, carbon fiber 3k twill natural finishing or unidirectional UD (matte or gloss) with many decal color options. MTB XC use compatible with 90 kg max rider weight (also without limitations on demand). 100% Made in Spain.

Carbon Fiber Weave

With weights from only 79 gr. Darimo Carbon is the lightest handlebar in the world. It's made in Spain with high quality materials and standards. It's compatible with MTB XC use.

darimo carbon 9° flatbar

it's a flatbar (zero rise and upsweep), with 9° backsweep. Has got oversize 31.8 mm diameter and widths from 620 mm to 800 mm.

darimo carbon 9° flatbar

Darimo Carbon Flatbar is a monocoque composite made of high quality unidirectional and bidirectional carbon fibers, laminated to obtain the best stiffness/weight ratio possible, Shape and thickness are optimized to minimize weight and create greater resistance where needed.

darimo carbon 9° flatbar

We can find three different reinforced zones :

  • Central Zone, where the stem is fixed (central zone is 60 mm width, so we recommand to use 4 bolts front clamp stems with 50 mm max width)
  • End Zone, handlebar ends are reinforced with a bigger thichkness to minimize the possibility of splintering in case of fall or contact with the ground. Despite this, Darimo Carbon Handlebars aren't compatible with bar-ends.
  • Control Zone, there is a reinforced zone also where shifters, brake levers, and remote control clamps are usually tightened.
For this reason, although it is possible, it is not recommended to cut it, since this reinforcement would be lost. In addition there is a reinforcement in the shifters and brake clamping area that would be out of its correct location in case of a significant reduction of width. Choose and order the right handlebars according to your preferences, you will obtain a better weight.

darimo carbon 9° flatbar

Darimo Carbon Handlebar with standard lamination has got a rider weight limit of 90 kg but custom lamination without any rider weight limit is possible and adds only 25 grams weight.

darimo carbon 9° flatbar

With weight from only 79 gr. (620 mm 3k), Darimo Carbon is the lightest handlebar in the world! The table below shows weights for some widths :

darimo carbon 9° flatbar

UD finishing adds about 5 grams on above weights which are intended for 3k finishing.

darimo carbon 9° flatbar

Lightweight but also absolute safety, Darimo Carbon Flatbar was designed with the help of modern CAD softwares and FEM analysis and pass the standard ISO 4210 tests! 

In the destructive tests, the handlebar has carried loads of 350 kg without breaking. The great stiffness allows a superior riding precision but carbon fiber helps also to absorbe impacts for a great comfort too.

darimo carbon 9° flatbar

Darimo Carbon handlebar is simple but, as all other lightweight parts, require more attention and the use of a torque wrench.

The handlebar comes with an installation kit kit which include a mountain compound which helps to increase grip from the handlebar to the stem so a lower tightening torque is required with minor components stress.

You can choose from 3k twill bidirectional or unidirectional (UD) carbon fiber fabrics with glossy or matte finishing.

Decals are stickers with "Darimo" white writtem, you can choose Darimo logo color (red, green or blue). Custom decals are possible on demand, for example all black "stealth" look or many other colors to match your bike...please use order note to let us know chosen decals colors or e-mail us for custom decals.

darimo carbon 9° flatbar

Darimo Carbon Handblebar comes with a cardboard box which contains also user manual and an installation pack with sand paper and mounting compound.

darimo carbon 9° flatbar

Darimo Carbon products are handmade and custom made with many sizes, finishing and laminations. Have in stock all of them is very difficult also for Darimo Carbon that made them on request.

Products that are availables in our warehouse has got "IN STOCK" indication. All other product combinations has to be ordered from Darimo and this will takes about 8-10 settimane.

These products has to be considered ordered on request so the right of withdrawal can't be applied to. This kind of order require advance payment for total amount.

All Darimo Carbon products are 100% handmade in Spain.


darimo carbon made in spain

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Data sheet

Weight :
620 mm (79 gr.) ; 660 mm (84 gr.) ; 700 mm (92 gr.) ; 740 mm (98 gr.) +/- 5% (UD finishing +5 gr.)
Construction :
Bar clamp diameter :
31.8 mm
Width :
620-640-660-680-700-720-740-760-780-800 mm
Backsweep :
Upsweep :
Rise :
0 mm
Material :
Prepreg high module carbon fiber
Finish :
3k Twill or UD, Glossy or Matte
Graphics :
Sticker Decals, many colors available
Use :
XC Only
Can be shortened :
Max rider weight :
90 kg (no limitation on demand + 25 gr.)
Max tightening torque :
4 Nm (stem) - 2.5 Nm (controls)
Bar Ends fitting :


Darimo MTB Handlebar

Darimo MTB Handlebar User Manual

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