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Darimo Carbon T1 Loop The Lightest Seatpost In The World!

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Darimo Carbon T1 Loop seatpost, with weights from only 61 gr. is the lightest one in the world!. It's made of high module carbon fiber with Aluminium 7075T6 and Gr.5 Titanium hardware and with innovative Dyneema clamping system. High quality materials, super optimized design, FEM analysis and lab testing makes T1 not only ultralight but also safe and reliable (ISO 4210 safety tested). Available in 25.4-27.2-30.9-31.6-34.9 mm diameter with lenghts up to 500 mm, carbon fiber 3k twill natural finishing or unidirectional UD (matte or gloss), many colors decal. MTB, Road and Cross use compatible with 90 kg max rider weight (also more on demand). 100% Made in Spain.

Carbon Fiber Weave

With weights from 61 gr. Darimo Carbon T1 Loop is the lightest seatpost in the world. It's made in Spain with high quality standards and materials It's compatible with road cycling and XC mountain biking use, of course also for gravel and cross.

darimo carbon T1 loop seatpost

Has got zero offset and a clamping system with 2 bolts,. It's compatible with round (7 x 7 mm) and oval (7 x 9 mm) rails saddle both also carbon fiber made. It has got a wide ratio of tuning and it's compatible also with modern frame geometry.


Darimo Carbon T1 seatpost is available in 25.4-27.2-30.9-31.6-34.9 mm diameter and 250-300-350-400 mm lenght. On demand you can also order a seatpost with a custom lenght (in this way you can save more weight) also over 400 mm (up to 500 mm).

Main tube design is optimized to obtain the best stiffness/weight ratio possible, so has got a limited reinforced clamping zone (between two white marks) :

darimo carbon T1 loop seatpost

Before placing an order, please be sure to choose the proper seatpost length, measure the length of your seatpost out of the frame. Measure from seatclamp to saddle rails. Then choose the appropriate size in the following table : 

darimo carbon T1 loop seatpost

The main post is made of carbon fiber using bidirectional and unidirectional fabrics with an studied asymmetrical laminate to achieve the optimum combination of minimum weight and maximum of resistance.

Each seatpost is laminated by hand to achieve a record weight keeping in mind the strength and your safety. To do this, at each point of the seatpost there are a different numbers and arrangements of carbon fiber layers. The layers arrangement is obtained after finite elements analysis and destructive testing.

The clamping system is uncommon due to material and shape both. It's composed by 2 Dyneema loops and 2 aluminium pulling barrels. Dyneema is a super strong fiber that allows to create an ultralight clamping system which's very safe and reliable! Fiber loops wrap correctly the saddle rails without damage them and firmly clamp the saddle. This system may seem strange but is very ingenious and innovative and has been tested for a long time with great results!

Seatpost cradle is made of carbon fiber and it's optimized to allow the best seating for saddle rails. 

darimo carbon T1 loop seatpost

The bolts has got M5 diameter and are grade 5 high quality titanium made with forged head and rolled threads. Black titanium finishing is fore a more aggressive look.

Central pivot is 7075T6 Aluminium made throught CNC machining. It's hollow to save more weight and it's extra long to be compatible also with very angled seat tube frames.

With weights from 61 gr. (31.6 x 250 mm), Darimo Carbon T1 loop is the lightest seatpost in the worldo! You can see weights in the following table (please consider natural product +/- 3% tolerance) :

darimo carbon T1 loop seatpost

Please take note that unidirectional UD finishing adds some grams of weight.

darimo carbon T1 loop seatpost

Lightweight but also absolute safety, Darimo Carbon T1 Seatpost was designed with the help of modern CAD softwares and FEM analysis and pass the standard ISO 4210 tests! 


The maximum rider weight limit is 90 Kg. but on demand a custom seatpost for heavier biker could be produced (consider about + 15 grams in 400 mm lenght)

We recommend to install Darimo Carbon T1 Loop seatpost with the help of a torque wrench following user manual specs (6 Nm max for seatpost clamp  and 3 nm max for seatpost yokes).  Inside this product page you can find a video section where is shown an installation video tutorial, we suggest to carefully watch it to be sure that Dyneema loops will be correctly placed.

Seatpost tube can be produced with carbon fiber 3k twill finishing or unidirectional UD (both matte or glossy): cradle has got 3k twill finishing (matte or glossy due to seatpost tube finishing), Seatpost yokes has got unidirectional finishing. Bolts are natural titanium color, central pivot is black anodized.

Decals are stickers with "Darimo" white writtem, you can choose Darimo logo color (red, green or blue). Custom decals are possible on demand, for example all black "stealth" look or many other colors to match your bike...please use order note to let us know chosen decals colors or e-mail us for custom decals.


Darimo Carbon T1 seatpost comes wit user manual and an installation pack with sand paper and mounting compound. There's also a label to certify real weight.

darimo carbon T1 loop seatpost

Darimo Carbon products are handmade and custom made with many sizes, finishing and laminations. Have in stock all of them is very difficult also for Darimo Carbon that made them on request.

Products that are availables in our warehouse has got "IN STOCK" indication. All other product combinations has to be ordered from Darimo and this will takes about 8-10 weeks.

These products has to be considered ordered on request so the right of withdrawal can't be applied to. This kind of order require advance payment for total amount.

All Darimo Carbon products are 100% handmade in Spain.

darimo carbon made in spain

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Data sheet

Weight :
27.2 mm : (62 gr. - 250 mm / 71 gr. - 300 mm / 80 gr. - 300 mm / 89 gr. - 400 mm) - 31.6 mm : (61 gr. - 250 mm / 72 gr. - 300 mm / 81 gr. - 300 mm / 90 gr. - 400 mm) - UD finishing + 2/3 gr. tollerance +/- 3%
Offset :
0 mm
Length :
250-300-350-400 mm (up to 500 mm on demand)
Tube Diameter :
25.4 mm - 27.2 mm - 30.9 mm - 31.6 mm - 34.9 mm
Tube Material :
PrePreg Hi-module Carbon Fibre
Hardware Material :
Dyneema Yokes, carbon fiber cradle, aluminium shaft and barrels
Finish :
3K or UD, matte or glossy
Graphics :
Bolts :
Special CNC Grd5 Titanium
Use :
MTB, Road, Cross
Max rider weight :
90 kg
Max tightening torque :
6 Nm (clamp) - 3 Nm (saddle)


Darimo T1 Loop

Darimo Carbon T1 Loop User Manual

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