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MPM Tech Cage Kit Exchange Sram Eagle 12s

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MPM Tech Exchange cage kit for Sram Eagle 12v rear derailleur tuning (is compatible with AXS, XX1, X01, GX, NX). The kit include inner and outer cages and jockey wheels (12T upper one, 18T lower one), all these parts are 7075T6 Aluminium CNC made with titanium bolts. Aluminium parts are available in several anodized colors with a complessive weight of 99 gr. Exchange kit is very strong and provide more stiffness from stock one for a better shifting performance and precision, high quality and smooth bearings assure a great reliability and a log life. The cages has got extra protection for a better chain retention,  oversized lower jockey wheel increase fluidity operation. It's very easy to install and tune-up. Exchange kit has got a superbe look too but of course it's 100% Made in Italy!

Inner Cage Color
Outer Cage Color
Jockey Wheels Color

MPM Tech Exchange is a tuning kit specific for Sram Eagle 12s rear derailleurs and include inner and outer cages and jockey wheels (12T-18T).

MPM Tech Cage Kit Exchange Sram Eagle AXS 12s

Jockey wheels and cages are both fully CNC 7075T6 Aluminium made, the strongest aluminium alloy on the market. Bolt are grade 5 titanium made and bearings are high quality ones, tested for a log time, has got the best smoothness/lasting ratio possible with a great dirt protection. So, material and technology are very high quality for a final premium product.

MPM Tech Cage Kit Exchange Sram Eagle AXS 12s

Outer cage is oversized in shape and thickness and assure a greater stiffness and consequently a better shifting precision, it's also stronger and has got a better impact resistance than stock weak carbon one. Inner and outer cages are connected not only through the jockey wheels fixing bolts but with two extra junctions that assure extra stiffness and a better chain retention. So the final result is a more reliable rear derailleur that can be used without problems also for gravity oriented riding.

MPM Tech Cage Kit Exchange Sram Eagle AXS 12s

Also jockey wheels, which are made of aluminium instead of plastic original ones, allows to increase stiffness, improve shifting precision for a longer lasting and a better reliability. Upper jockey wheels has got 12 teeth (as original one), lower one has got 18 teeth (instead 14 teeth original one). An oversized lower jockey wheel allows a wider curve for less friction. Jockey wheels hole spacing is reduced so the cage is shorter and ground clearance is increased (13 mm more except for AXS derailleurs which has the same length) and this reduce impact risks.

MPM Tech Cage Kit Exchange Sram Eagle AXS 12s

Exchange kit weighs 99 grams that's more than 70 grams for original one, so this tuning isn't for weight weenies but for who want's to increase performances and reliability.

MPM Tech Cage Kit Exchange Sram Eagle AXS 12s

Not only performances and reliability takes advantage from Exchange kit but also there's a fashion plus point, it look great and can also be customized with many anodized colors combination! All this makes Exchange kit a real cult product, a must to have for any demanding and fashionable biker!

MPM Tech Cage Kit Exchange Sram Eagle AXS 12s

Exchange kit is compatible with all Sram Eagle 12s rear derailleurs (AXS, XX1, X01, GX, NX) and rear cassettes up to 51 teeth, is very easy ton install and tune-up, it's a single bolt job! User and installation manual comes with the kit, give also a look at this video :

Due to high customization grade and the high number of possible combinations, it's almost impossible to have in stock most of these products...just a little bit of patience will be required for everything isn't shown as in stock...will worth to get an unique masterpiece!

MPM Tech Cage Kit Exchange Sram Eagle AXS 12s

Here above you can see some examples of Exchange kit application, these are illustrative only pictures, we remember that we sell cages/jockey wheels kit, not the complete rear derailleur! Exchange kit comes with an elegant package which's the user/installation manual at the same time!  MPM Tech Cage Kit Exchange Sram Eagle AXS 12s

MPM Tech products are handcrafted products offered with different customization options that give rise to over one hundred possible configurations. Keeping a warehouse stocked with all available options is virtually impossible. Therefore, we usually keep the most popular or requested versions in stock, everything that we actually have available in stock for immediate delivery is marked as "IN STOCK" or "LAST ITEMS IN STOCK" (just select the chosen version and check). All other combinations that do not have these words (for example "TO ORDER" must be ordered specifically with average waiting times of 1-3 weeks.

These products are to be considered made and procured to order and as such fall outside the canonical right of withdrawal for remote sales and require full advance payment. Cash on delivery is therefore excluded for these products.

Exchange kit, as all others MPM Tech products, is proudly 100% Made in Italy.

mpm tech made in italy

Data sheet

Kit weight :
99 gr.
Material :
7075T6 Aluminium Cages and Jockey Wheels, Titanium bolts
Finish :
Several Anodized Colors
Fitting :
With Sram Eagle 12s Rear Derailleurs (AXS, XX1, X01, GX, NX) and cassettes up to 51T
Upper Jockey Wheel Teeth N° :
Lower Jockey Wheel Teeth N° :