AMP Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads - Sram-Magura-Trickstuff-Campagnolo

AMP Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads - Sram-Magura-Trickstuff-Campagnolo

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AMP (All Mountain Project) pair of very high performance brake pads. The special carbon fiber back plate guarantees a 25% lower weight, better vibrations properties (ride in silence) and better thermal capacities (much less heat is transmitted to the pistons and consequently to the braking fluid). The ceramic compound is designed to offer maximum performance and make the most of the advantages provided by the composite material back plate. Recommended for intense and prolonged use, even in wet conditions and on E-Bikes. Compatible with various Sram-Magura-Trickstuff-Campagnolo braking systems (you will find a detailed compatibility list in the product sheet). The pair of brake pads weighs only 15 grams.


AAMP Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads - Sram-Magura-Trickstuff-Campagnolo

AMP (All Mountain Project) is a brand founded by two French Engineers who have worked in both the Aerospace and Cycling sectors. Competence, experience and passion, combined with an advanced knowledge of composite materials, have allowed us to develop an innovative and highly performing product, unique in the current cycling scene: brake pads with carbon fiber back plate.

AMP Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads - Sram-Magura-Trickstuff-Campagnolo

The AMP Carbon brake pads are in fact characterized by a back plate made of composite material. This solution guarantees several advantages:

  • WEIGHT SAVING - Carbon fiber is a very light material and allows a weight saving of about 25% compared to traditional brake pads.

  • GREATER SILENCE - Carbon fiber has got an higher vibration damping capacity, resulting in a greater overall silence of use also facilitated by the high quality of the friction compound material.

  • FASTER AND POWERFUL BRAKING - Carbon fiber allows for the creation of more rigid back plate, which therefore deform less under the thrust of the pistons and allow to maintain a more homogeneous contact surface of the braking surface which generates greater braking power. Braking is also quicker as the better thermal insulation allows the compound material to enter its optimum operating temperature more quickly.

  • BEST THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS - Carbon fiber is characterized by low thermal conductivity (38 times lower than steel and 280 times lower than aluminum), the composite material support therefore acts as an insulator between the friction material and the caliper pistons of the braking system, consequently also the braking fluid will remain at lower temperatures without the risk of overheating excessively. Overall, AMP Carbon brake pads are about 12% cooler than traditional brake pads.

AMP Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads - Sram-Magura-Trickstuff-Campagnolo

Transforming a relatively simple idea into a truly effective one is not so trivial and it is in this case where the experience on the materials counts that allows you to choose high TG resins that withstand high temperatures and material compounds that are best suited to the characteristics of the back plate as well as the particular type of application.

AMP Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads - Sram-Magura-Trickstuff-Campagnolo

The highest quality ceramic compound assure truly superlative performance with very reactive, powerful and tenacious braking. It is a compound suitable for heavy use (long and steep descents, wet/mud conditions, E-bikes use) and guarantees a long life, so this factor must also be considered when evaluating the purchase. The cost of the product is high itself, it is in fact a premium product with innovative features and high performance, but if you also consider the long duration over time, the price is much cheaper than it may seem.

AMP Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads - Sram-Magura-Trickstuff-Campagnolo

The weight of the AMP Carbon Ceramic brake pads is only 15 grams per pair. A lower weight is always an advantage, it is even more so in the MTB field where the brake pads are part of the unsprung masses (if there is the presence of the suspensions), but as we have seen the advantages of the AMP Carbon brake pads are numerous and weight reduction is perhaps the least important feature in the general context.

The AMP Carbon brake pads are suitable for both road and Gravel, Cross, MTB and E-Bike use. They are produced in various standards to be compatible with the most common braking systems on the market. The range is constantly evolving and you can find the various models available in our shop or on the manufacturer's website.

AMP Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads - Sram-Magura-Trickstuff-Campagnolo

This product sheet relates to the sale of a pair of AMP Carbon brake pads with ceramic compound (the appropriate spring is also supplied), compatible with the braking systems listed in the table above. For any doubts regarding compatibility with your braking system, do not hesitate to contact us.

The AMP carbon brake pads are supplied in an elegant package consisting of a recycled cardboard box, in fact the company is particularly attentive to environmental problems and also offers a service for the disposal of worn brake pads that can be returned both to us and to the company itself.

AMP Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads - Sram-Magura-Trickstuff-Campagnolo

The AMP Carbon Ceramic brake pads are really superior to all the other brake pads you find on the market, as they are the most innovative and advanced, they are able to combine the advantages of sintered compounds with organic ones, therefore powerful, durable and resistant to high braking temperatures, but responsive from the start and with great silence. All this, as mentioned, is made possible by the use of carbon fiber as a back plate and by the study of an effective compound that works best with most of the characteristics of the back plate material. Carbon fiber insulates better, transmits much less heat to the caliper pistons and brake fluid and at the same time allows the brake compound to warm up faster. The greater capacity to dampen vibrations increases the silence of use, thus eliminating the unwanted annoying noises typical of many braking systems.

Such an advanced product requires special attention in order to be exploited to the best of its possibilities, it is in fact recommended to use new brake rotors when mounting the AMP carbon brake pads, it is highly recommended to do so especially if different brake pads compounds have been used on the old rotors (in fact never use a ceramic compound where an organic compound has previously been used and vice versa). It is also highly recommended to carry out the break-in procedure of the brake rotors before using them seriously. The running-in procedure is indicated in the instructions attached to the product, it is basically a series of progressive braking performed at two different speeds.

The AMP Carbon Ceramic brake pads are compatible with most of the brake rotors on the market, however there are some rare cases in which the brake rotors are not suitable for use with ceramic compound pads, so check that your brake rotors are not part of these limits. exceptions.

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Data sheet

Kit Composition :
2x brake pads + 1x spring
Weight :
15 gr. pair
Compound :
Back Plate Material :
Carbon fiber
Use :
Severe Conditions - MTB, Road Racing, Gravel, Cross, E-Bike
Fitting :
Sram 2020+ (AXS, Red Etap , Red, Force, Rival , S700, Level all models, DB1, DB3, DB5) / Magura MT 2-4-6-8 / Trickstuff Piccola / Campagnolo H11
Range of use :
Do not use with brake rotors which are not compatible with ceramic/metallic compounds


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