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MCFK Carbon MTB Integrated Handlebar From 165 gr.

MCFK Carbon MTB Integrated Handlebar From 165 gr.

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With weights starting from only 165 gr. MCFK Carbon MTB integrated Handlebar is one of the lightest on the market. It's  made of pre-preg carbon fiber, super optimized in design and lamination. High quality materials, best technologies and great carbon fibers experience allows lightweight, safety and reliability and superior performances (great stiffness and comfort at the same time). Available 380-400-420-440 mm widths (center/center), carbon fiber UD matte finish with many decal color options. Road, Gravel, CX use compatible, 100 kg max rider weight. 100% Made in Germany.

Stem Length
Head Tube Standard

With weights starting at just 165 grams, the MCFK Carbon Integrated handlebar is among the lightest integrated handlebar in the market. It is produced entirely in Germany with high standards of quality and materials. It is suitable for MTB use in XC, XCO and Marathon areas. 

 MCFK Carbon MTB Integrated Handlebar From 165 gr.

It's an integrated handlebar characterized by a 9° backsweep and a 5° upsweep, the rise is equal to 0 mm. It's made in 680-720-760 mm width. The stem part has a -12° angle and is vailable in 55-70-85 mm length. Compatibility is ensured with fork steering tubes with a 1.1/8" upper diameter. 

MCFK Carbon MTB Integrated Handlebar From 165 gr.

The MCFK carbon integrated handlebar is made using a monolithic construction in pre-impregnated carbon fiber, where unidirectionl and bidirectional fibers are laminated in such a way as to obtain the best possible stiffness/weight ratio. Thicknesses and dections are variable to optimize the weight and reinforce only the areas that are actually most stressed (fork attachment area, control area where the shifters/brake levers are tightened, ends area to protect from fall and impacts). 

MCFK Carbon MTB Integrated Handlebar From 165 gr.

It is an entirely monolithic structure made of carbon fiber, this type of construction offers several advantages and allows for a much more resistant and performing product. Since there are no interruptions, the fibers work homogeneously without stress points with a linear and progressive behavior distributing the loads over a larger surface. Unlike the classic stem/handlebar combination, this type of architecture avoids the constant and localized stresses introduced by tightening the screws that fix the handlebar and significantly prolongs its fatigue life. So no compression of the handlebar with danger of cutting, involuntary rotation and failure; the final result is a solidity that a traditional solution can never have.

The absence of the constraint on the circular shape makes it possible to use alternative solutions to optimize the behavior of the handlebar itself. Integrale handlebar in the central connection area with the stem is equipped with a geometry with a variable section, reduced vertically which allows to increase the flexion of the handlebar and consequently the absorption of roughness and general comfort and increased horizontally which allows to improve torsional stiffness with greater reactivity and driving precision.

MCFK Carbon MTB Integrated Handlebar From 165 gr.

The MCFK Carbon integrated handlebar is characterized by a modern, ergonomic and elegant design at the same time. In particular, the clamping area on the fork steering tube has been designed to obtain maximum clean lines, avoiding potentially dangerous protrusions in the event of an impact. Furthermore, the "closed" shape offers a greater guarantee of safety and mechanical resistance. 

MCFK Carbon MTB Integrated Handlebar From 165 gr.

With weights starting from 165 grams, the MCFK Carbon integrated handlebar is among the lightest on the market. This is a remarkable result already in absolute terms but it is even more so compared to the type of handlebar characterized by wider and more complex surfaces than a traditional one. However, the extreme lightness does not come at the expense of performance or reliability and safety, on the contrary it is a highly performing, rigid, stable and safe product, capable of dampening vibrations and absorbing impacts, respecting the regulations and overcoming brilliantly each safety test by large margin. The maximum weight limit for the biker is set at 100 kg.

MCFK Carbon MTB Integrated Handlebar From 165 gr.

The MCFK Carbon integrated handlebar is made with Unidirectional UD type natural carbon texture with matte finish. The graphics are adhesive type (easily removable and replaceable). They are available in various colors (specify the desired color in the order notes or by sending a subsequent communication via e-mail) if we do not receive particular information on this, the handlebar will be sent with its original black graphics with white edging.

MCFK Carbon MTB Integrated Handlebar From 165 gr.

The MCFK Carbon integrated handlebar is designed for mounting a computer support (Garmin or Wahoo), not included but can be purchased separately in our webshop. It is not compatible with the use of bar ends.

MCFK Carbon MTB Integrated Handlebar From 165 gr.

The installation of the MCFK Carbon integrated handlebar is a simple operation but which requires due attention. It is highly recommended to use a torque wrench (of good quality, of the right operating scale and correctly calibrated) in order to comply with the tightening torques indicated by the manufacturer which are reported in the manual attached to the product and can also be downloaded in the "download" section of this product sheet.


MCFK products are artisanal products, handmade and offered with different customization options such as dimensions, finishes and graphics. Keeping a warehouse stocked with all available options is practically impossible even for MCFK itself.

Therefore, we usually keep the most popular or requested versions in stock, everything that we actually have available in stock for immediate delivery is marked as "IN STOCK" or "LAST ITEMS IN STOCK" (just select the chosen version and check). All other combinations that do not have these indications (for example "TO ORDER" must be specifically ordered with average waiting times of 1-3 weeks. We can at any time check the availability in stock at the MCFK headquarters in Germany so before place an order of material not available at our warehouse, please contact us without problems, we could give you a more precise idea of ​​the waiting times at that particular moment.

These products are to be considered made and procured to order and as such fall outside the canonical right of withdrawal for remote sales and require full advance payment. The cash on delivery method is therefore excluded for these products.

All MCFK Carbon products are strictly and proudly 100% Made in Germany!


mcfk made in germany

Data sheet

Weight :
165 gr. (55 x 680 mm) +/- 5% see table of weights inside the product page
Construction :
Length :
55 - 70 - 85 mm
Width :
680-720-760 mm
Steer tube clamp diameter :
1.1/8" standard
Angles :
- 12°
Backsweep :
Upsweep :
Rise :
0 mm
Material :
Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber
Finish :
UD matte
Graphics :
Use :
MTB XC, XCO, Marathon
Max rider weight :
100 kg
Max tightening torque :
8 Nm (stem) - 2.5 Nm (controls)
Bar Ends fitting :


MCFK Integrated MTB Handlebar

MCFK Integrated MTB Handlebar User Manual

Download (552.42k)