Extralite OctaRamp RC2 34-50T

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Extralite OctaRamp RC2, road compact chainrings set, Al 7075T6 CNC made. 50T-34T BCD 110 mm 5 holes, fits Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo 10-11 speed systems. Only 94 gr. for the pair! Also single chainrings are purchasable.


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Extralite OctaRamp RC2, ultralight road compact chainrings set.

extralite octaramp rc2

Octaramp RC2 are available in 50T-34T BCD 110 mm and they fits Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo 10-11 s syestems.

extralite octaramp rc2

Extralite Octaramp RC2 chainrings comes with hard black anodized finishing and laser etched graphics to last for a long time.

extralite octaramp rc2

Aluminum 7075T6 CNC  made with unique 15° machined chain ramps that offer superior chain engaging on 5 different crank positions, this translates in super quick up-shifting performance

extralite octaramp rc2

extralite octaramp rc2

extralite octaramp rc2

With only 94 grams for the pair, Extralite Octaramp RC2 are some of the most lightweight chainrings in the world, but they aren't weak, they works fine with a smooth engaging and with a long life performance.

extralite octaramp rc2

Octaramp RC2 are the natural partner of E-Bones QRC 2 cranks, but they fit well also on all other cranks with compact 110 bcd arms.

extralite octaramp rc2

First equipment chainrings are often cheap and heavy also on high end cranks, so with Octaramp RC2 you can save some weight with a performance improoving and a better look!

extralite octaramp rc2

Also single chainrings are purchasable.

Octaramp RC2 chainrings are 100% Made in Italy.


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Data sheet

Kit weight :
94 gr.
Material :
Al 7075 T6 CNC
Finish :
Hard anodized, black
Graphics :
Laser etched
Use :
Number of theet :
50-34 T
BCD (bolt circle diameter) :
110 - 5 holes
Fitting :
Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo

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