Extralite UltraPulley 12-14 PH Ultralight 12-14 Teeth Rear Derailleur Jockey Wheels For Sram 12s

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Extralite UltraPulley 12-14 PH, ultralight rear derailleur jockey wheels with 12-14 phased teeth. Fullly Delrin CNC made, double 2RS sealed ceramic bearings. Only 14 gr. weight for the pair, Great smoothness, quietness and shifting precision. Compatibile with Sram MTB 12 speed Eagle rear derailleurs (XX1 AXS, XX1, X01 AXS, X01, GX, NX, SX). 100% Made in Italy.

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With only 14 gr of weight for the pair, Extralite UltraPulley 12-14 PH are one of the lightest and finest jockey wheels on the market. They're fully CNC Delrin made, which is an advanced self-lubrificating polimer that assure low friction and noise. Delrin is also harder than cheap plastic which are made of stock yockey wheels so UltraPulley 12-14 PH will last for a longer time.

extralite ultrapulley 12-14 PH

Each pulley has got two low friction 2RS sealed ceramic bearings that also help UltraPulley 12-14 PH performance and lifetime. Bearings dust covers are made of Al7075T6 CNC and are black hard anodized with laser etched graphics.

extralite ultrapulley 12-14 PH

Delrin jockey wheels are better than stock cheap plastic jockey wheels and than aluminum ones that are usually heavier and noisier.

extralite ultrapulley 12-14 PH

Double micro bearings design increase smoothness due to lower bearing balls size and reduce side play at the same time for a better shifting precision.
Unbeliveable 14 gr. weight for the pair allow to save a lot of weight from stock yockey wheels that usually weights from 20-22 gr. up to more than 30 gr.

extralite ultrapulley 12-14 PH

An accurate design with appropriate materials and best technologies gives to UltraPulley 12-14 PH a better performance without loosing in safety and reliability.
These yockey wheels are used in MTB competitions with severe conditions since many years, so they aren't little toys but 100% affordable components.
So Extralite UltraPulley 12-14 PH are a great solution to customize your bike increasing its performance and exclusivity.
Extralite UltraPulley 12-14 PH has got has a different design, upper jockey wheel has got 12 teeth, lower jockey wheel has got 14 teeth. Jockey wheels teeth are phased synchro type (wide-narrow), so they're compatible with Sram Eagle 12 speed native monoring systems (XX1 AXS Eagle, XX1 Eagle, X01 AXS Eagle, X01 Eagle, GX Eagle, NX Eagle, SX Eagle). Also 2x drivetrains can use jockey wheels with phased teeth for a better shifting precision (for example they works on Shimano DuraAce rear derailleurs).You can find all the Extralite UltraPulley family for other applications inside our webshop.

extralite ultrapulleys

Extralite UltraPulley 12-14 PH are 100% made in Italy.

extralite made in italy

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Data sheet

Weight :
14 gr. (la coppia)
Material :
CNC Delrin
Bearing Type :
Low friction 2RS sealed
Bearing Material :
Finish :
Graphics :
Laser etched
Use :
Thickness :
8.3 mm
Number of theet :
Teeth Type :
Bearings n° :
2x for each jockey wheel
Fitting :
With Sram MTB Eagle 12s rear derailleurs (XX1 AXS, XX1, X01 AXS, X01, GX, NX, SX)
Features :
1x puleggia 12T ed 1x puleggia 14T

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