Extralite ExtraBolt 3.3 Cassette Lockring

Extralite ExtraBolt 3.3 cassette lockring. 100% CNC made, aluminum 7075 T6, available in several anodized colours with laser etched graphics. Only 3.4 gr. weight, compatible 11T and 12T first gear both and Shimano 9-10-11 s and Sram 9-10 s.

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With their 3.4 gr. weight, Extralite ExtraBolt 3.3 is the lightest and finest cassette lockring available on the market. It's CNC made 7075T6 aluminum and available in several beautiful anodized colours with laser etched graphics.

Extralite ExtraBolt 3.3 - 3.4

Its special design allow to fit 11T and 12T first gears both. It doesn't fit Sram XD type cassettes with 10T gears in first position.

ExtraBolt 3.3 fits Shimano 9-10-11 s and Sram 9-10 s cassettes. For other combinations please give a look at other type of ExtraBolts 3.4 and 3.5.

Extralite ExtraBolt 3.3

You can install Extrabolt 3.3 as all other standard cassette lockrings using Shimano TL-LR15 tool or similar.

TL-LR15 Tool

If your cassette has stock steel lockring you can save a bit of weight, but you can also customize your bike at the same time.

ExtraBolt 3.3 and 3.4 are 100% made in Italy.


Data sheet

Weight :
3.4 gr.
Material :
Al 7075 T6 CNC
Finish :
Anodized, many colors
Graphics :
Laser etched
Fitting :
Shimano 9-10-11 s (11T and 12T) ; Sram 9-10 s (11T and 12T)

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