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MCFK Carbon Open Ultralight Saddle From 69 gr.

MCFK Carbon Open Ultralight Saddle From 69 gr.

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MCFK Carbon Open, ultralight high module carbon fibre saddle. Superior comfort due to its anatomic shape with anticompression central open and super flexible seat. Weights from only 69 grams, 260 mm lenght and 125-130-135-140 mm widhts. 3K matte or UD matte finish, removable decals with many colors. Compatible with Road Racing, MTB or Gravel use, 100 kg max rider weight. HandMade in Germany with high quality standard.

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MCFK Carbon Open it's an ultralight carbon fiber saddle developed for road racing, MTB and gravel use (competitive or not). It's 100% handmade in Germany with high quality materials and standards and offer the best performance possible with a great comfort at the same time too.

MCFK Carbon Open Ultralight Saddle From 69 gr.

It's endearing design isn't only for appearance but gives an high aerodynamic efficiency and also a great comfort due to the central open that unload prostate zone avoiding compression problems and assure fresh air in the "sensible zones".

MCFK Carbon Open Ultralight Saddle From 69 gr.

Rounded edges and smooth side walls gives great flexibility and comfort and a nice feeling without any problems also after position changing. Lightly raised rear end help to keep the rider in position avoiding sliding sensation, typical for flat carbon fiber saddles.

MCFK Carbon Open Ultralight Saddle From 69 gr.

MCFK Carbon Open saddle is 260 mm long and is available in four widths : 125-130-135-140 mm, in this way many riders can find the right size. The saddle has got a wide and long front end so can easly support rider weight also during severe uphills,  the anatomical center of the saddle (where it's 72 mm wide) at about 145 mm from the front nose.

MCFK Carbon Open Ultralight Saddle From 69 gr.

The rails are oval shape 87 x 9 mm), made of high module reinforced carbon fibers molded with high pressure to assure a great resistance, they could be tightened up to 5 Nm! There are also two bridges between saddle rails which allows to obtain a better load distribution. The rails has got about 75 mm range of horizontal regulation. Saddle body height is about 35 mm.

MCFK Carbon Open Ultralight Saddle From 69 gr.

MCFK Carbon Open saddle is compatible with all 2 bolts longitudinal regulation seatposts and with single bolt transversal regulation seatposts that are equipped with clamps specific for elliptical rails carbon fiber saddles (7x10 mm). Also saddle body is high module carbon fiber made. MCFK Carbon choose only top quality fibers and resin. There's a big hole in the middle of the saddle which save some weight but also allows a better ventilation. MCFK Carbon Open saddle is designed for road racing, gravel and MTB use for riders up to 100 kg.

MCFK Carbon Open Ultralight Saddle From 69 gr.

The saddle has got natural 3k matte or UD Matte carbon fiber finishing. We usually sell saddles with white removable decals but for all the saddles that aren't in stock and that we have to order from MCFK, you can choose decals color. Of course you can also buy different decals colors separately.

MCFK Carbon Open Ultralight Saddle From 69 gr.

MCFK Carbon Open saddle weight could change due to saddle width, finishing and normal resin tolerance (+/- 5%), UD matte finishing version adds about 5 grams. Weights starts from 69 grams.

MCFK Carbon Open Ultralight Saddle From 69 gr.

That's an incredible weight, especially for the great saddle comfort. The real goal is a clever design with a great anatomic shape mixed to an intelligent use of composite materials. The reduced weight on a saddle has a direct influence on the performance of a bicycle, especially when standing, sprinting or climbing, as it almost completely eliminates the pendulum effect and helps to lower the center of gravity, making it much more stable above all with the wet floor.

MCFK products are handmade and custom made with many sizes and finishing. Have in stock all of them is difficult and very expensive. Products that are available in our warehouse has got "IN STOCK" or "LAST ITEMS IN STOCK" indication. All other products combination has to be ordered from MCFK and this usually will takes about 7-10 days but if the item isn't in stock also at MCFK factory, will takes a longer time (2-3 weeks), so if you're in a hurry please check availability with us before place an order. These products has to be considered ordered on request, so the right of withdraw can't be applied to. this kind of order require payment for total amount.

MCFK Carbon saddles are 100% designed and produced in Germany with high quality standards.

mcfk made in germany

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Data sheet

Weight :
69 gr. (125 mm) - 71 gr. (130 mm) - 73 gr. (135 mm) - 75 gr. (140 mm) +/- 5 % (UD + 5 gr.)
Construction :
Full Carbon
Lenght :
260 mm
Height :
35 mm
Width :
125-130-135-140 mm
Seat material :
High-Module Carbon Fibre
Rails material :
High-Module Carbon Fibre
Rails sizes :
Oval 9 x 7 mm
Adjustment range :
75 mm
Finish :
3K Matte or UD Matte
Graphics :
Use :
MTB, Road Racing, Urban, Gravel
Fitting :
With seatpost for oversized oval carbon rails
Max rider weight :
100 Kg
Max tightening torque :
5 Nm


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