Extralite bolts and bar clamp kit for Ultrastem

Extralite Torx Bolts kit for Ultrastem

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Extralite torx bolts kit for Ultrastem, include 6 custom grd 5 titanium torx bolts. Wheights only 6.0 gr  This is the last version on the market and the kit is compatible with all kind of Ultrastem (MTB and road both) and if installed on <2011 Ultrastems will save about 2 grams. 



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extralite 100% made in italy

Data sheet

Kit weight :
6 gr.
Material :
Titanium grade 5 special
Bolt type :
Custom head M4x16 mm T20 and M5x20 mm T25
Fitting :
only with Extralite stems
Features :
4 bolts M4x16 mm T20 (0.75 gr. each.) + 2 bolts M5x20 mm T25 (1,45 gr. each.)


Extralite Roadstem OC

Extralite Roadstem OC user manual

Download (26.32k)

Extralite Roadstem UL3

Extralite Roadstem UL3 user manual

Download (26.7k)

Extralite Ultrastem OC

Extralite Ultrastem OC user manual

Download (26.02k)

Extralite Ultrastem UL3

Extralite Ultrastem UL3 user manual

Download (26.99k)

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