Extralite HyperStem O6 Stealth +/- 6°

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Extralite HyperStem O6 Stealth oversize 31.8 mm +/- 6° stem. With only 61 gr. (60 mm) weight, is the lightest alluminum stem in the world but it's strong, stiff and safe at the same time. Fully 7075 Txx CNC machined with special gr.5 titanium bolts. Road and MTB (XC, Enduro) use. 1.1/8" headtube standard. 60-70-80-90-100-110-120 mm lenght, black anodized color with black laser etches (Stealth look). 100% Made in Italy.

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Extralite HyperStem O6 Stealth with only 61 grams (60 mm lenght) is the lightest alluminium stem in the world. It fit  Oversize  handlebars (31.8 mm diameter) and standard or tapered headtubes with 1.1/8" end. Hyperstem height on the headtube is 38 mm and require 32 mm minimum headtube lenght over the headset to fix it. Reversible angle +/- 6°, 60-70-80-90-100-110-120 mm lenght,  black anodized color.

extralite hyperstem o6 stealth

Black laser etches on black anodized aluminium create a "Stealth" look, racing but elegant at the same time!

HyperStem O6 Stealth is not a simple stem but a masterpiece of design and technologies. Clever design, high technologies and best materials are used to create this beauty.

It's light weight don't affect stiffness and safety that are strenghts of Hyperstem O6 Stealth.

extralite hyperstem o6 stealth

HyperStem O6 Stealth is fully CNC made from a bar of forged 7075Txx Al. Forging and special military heat treatment gives to stem body an incredible strenght.  Superfine 5 axles CNC machining assure perfect shape optimized for weight and also with smooth finish ideal to increase fatigue life.

35 mm oversize body diameter instead 30 mm standard stem diameter increase stiffness in exponential way due to the moment of inertia of the section. So Hyperstem O6 increase 40% torsional stiffness with less stress (-20%) so it's also more safe and will last for a long time.

extralite hyperstem o6 stealth

Why other brands don't use the same HyperStem O6 Stealth technology? Because isn't so easy and cheap to produce a similar stem, other stems are usually made from a forged bar but this tecnology couldn't be used to make a stem which body diameter is larger than front clamp bolts circle diameter. The only way to go is the expensive fine CNC machining and Extralite makes this better than any other competitor.

extralite hyperstem o6 stealth

Front clamps are also CNC machined from a forged plate of aluminum, special heat treatments allow them to be light and strong at the same time. They looks minimal but they withstand all safety and fatigue tests. They are one far from the other to increase torsional stiffness and minimize handlebar flexion.

extralite hyperstem o6 stealth

Every detail is considered all the corners are smooth to avoid any handlebar damage (specially carbon fibre ones), bolts housing are precise to have a linear loads concentration without high load spots.

extralite hyperstem o6 stealth

Also bolts aren't standard, they're special made for HyperStem O6 Stealth, they're Gr.5 Titanium CNC machined with forged heads (Torx insert) and rolled threads so the best bolts you can make! Their special design, with the help of CNC machining, allows to save weight and minimize high stress spots. These are little details but for Extralite are much important!

extralite hyperstem o6 stealth

We always advise to use a precise torque wrench to tightening Hyperstem O6 Stealth bolts. Torque specs are written on product user manual that comes with the stem and that you can also download here. We reccomend to use an antiseize compound on titanium bolts threads and where they are in contact with aluminum stem parts to avoid oxidation.

HyperStem O6 Stealth clear and smooth design has also an ergonomic function because there are not dangerous sharp edges that could hit rider legs.

Anodized black finish is light and durable, laser etched graphics too.

Hyperstem O6 Stealth after FEM simulation, easly withstand severe UNI 10518 safety test, so it's light, stiff and affordable at the same time. These great results comes after 10 years of clever product developing. Many riders used and still using Ultrastem OC winning many races all over the world!

extralite hyperstem o6 stealth

To broke an HyperStem very high loads are required, 5 times more than safety test standard! Hyperstem O6 fatigue life is twice than Ultrastem OC so it can be used also for Enduro.

HyperStem O6 Stealth is 100% Made in Italy!


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Data sheet

Weight :
61 gr. (60 mm) - 65 gr. (70 mm) - 69 gr. (80 mm) - 73 gr. (90 mm) - 78 gr. (100 mm) - 82 gr. (110 mm) - 87 gr. (120 mm)
Bar clamp diameter :
31.8 mm Oversize standard
Lenght :
60-70-80-90-100-110-120 mm
Steer tube clamp diameter :
1.1/8" standard
Angles :
+/- 6° Reversible
Material :
Totally CNC from AL 7075 Txx
Finish :
Black anodized
Graphics :
Laser, black
Bolts :
Special CNC Grd5 Titanium
Fork clamp height :
38 mm
Use :
XC, Enduro, Road, CX
Steering Tube fitting :
32 mm minimum height
Max tightening torque :
4 Nm (3 Nm suggested)


Extralite HyperStem

Extralite HyperStem User Manual

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