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Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Curva Manubrio Integrata Aerodinamica Ultraleggera
Darimo Carbon

Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero Handlebar

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With only 245 gr. (120x400 mm) the Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag integrated handlebar is the lightest Aero one in the world! It's made of monocoque high quality carbon fiber optimized in shape, lamination and thickness. Is produced in 360-380-400-420-440 mm (c/c) width with compact shape (77 mm reach and 128 mm drop), flare : 0°, 6°, 16+5 (flare out, gravel version), combined with a stem available in 70-80-90-100-110-120-130 mm length and -6°/-12° angle. 1.1/8" headtube (also 1.1/4" in the future). You can choose the carbon texture (3k twill or UD), the finishing (glossy or matte) and adhesive graphic colors. The max rider weight allowed is 90 kg.  ISO 4210-2 certified. Compatible with internal cable routing frames (special adapters are required), and with computer mount. 100% made in Spain.

Stem Length
Head Tube Standard

With just 245 grams (120 x 400 mm), the Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag handlebar is the lightest integrated Aero road handlebar in the world and at the same time one of the lightest stem/handlebar combination you can use on a road bike. It is produced entirely in Spain with high standards of quality and materials.

Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero Handlebar

The handlebar part incorporates the essential characteristics of the Darimo Carbon Nexum standard handlebar, so a Compact type with 77 mm reach and 128 mm drop. It is made in various widths: 360-380-400-420-440 mm (center/center measured) with 3 options for flares : 0°, 6°, 16+5 (flare out, gravel version).

Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero HandlebarThe stem area instead provides various lengths (70-80-90-100-110-120-130 mm) and various inclinations (-6 ° / -12 °) maintaining the same 34 mm stack height on all configurations. Actually fits only 1.1/8" steering tubes but 1.1/4" version will come in the next future.

Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero Handlebar

The integrated Nexum Drag handlebar is made of pre-impregnated monolithic carbon fiber, where unidirectional and bidirectional fibers are laminated in such a way as to obtain the best possible stiffness/weight ratio. Thicknesses and sections are variable to optimize the weight and reinforce only the areas that are actually most stressed (central area where there is maximum torsion, control area where the shifters/brake levers are tightened, terminal area to protect against falls and impacts).

Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero Handlebar

An integrated handlebar made with a monolithic structure brings with it several advantages, the structure is optimized with uninterrupted fibers, better compacted, without discontinuity and without the stress of tightening between the stem and the handlebar. The result is both greater torsional rigidity and also a better ability to absorb shocks and vibrations resulting in better comfort. The aerodynamic and aesthetic aspects also benefit from it.

Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero Handlebar

The upper part of the Nexum handlebar has a flat surface to increase comfort during long rides and aerodynamic performance. On request, it is also possible to have a special version with the internal passage of the Di2  cables, however for the internal passage of the cables in general (the weight of the handlebar could increase according to the number of holes as they involve structural reinforcement).

 Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero Handlebar

On request it is also possible to make the Nexum Drag handlebar compatible with different bicycles that provide for an integrated passage of the cables, Darimo produces a series of special parts (sold separately) that allow to adapt to the steering area of ​​some of the most popular road bikes on the market.

Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero Handlebar

Not only systems that have a round head tube with cable routing external to the stem can be adapted (the cables pass under the stem with special fairings as in the case of Specialized Tarmac SL7-SL8, Orbea Orca and all frames that use the FSA ACR stem system), but also systems with non-round head tube and internal cable routing to the stem and head tube (Colnago, Factor etc.). Contact us to check the compatibility and costs of any accessories to fit your road bike.

Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero Handlebar

The Nexum Drag handlebar is designed for the assembly of "sled" type computer supports that are fixed to the handlebar itself by means of 2 bolts, in fact there are 2 threaded bushes in the lower part of the handlebar. You can find Darimo Carbon computer holder specific for Nexum Drag handlebar in our webshop.

Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero Handlebar

The cable routing take place inside the handlebar, depending on your setup (brand and model of shifters and type of frame cable routing) suitable cable entry/exit holes may be made during the production phase. These are details that can be specified in the order notes or communicated later via email.

The installation of the Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag handlebar is a simple operation but that requires due attention. It is highly recommended to use a torque wrench (of good quality, of the right operating scale and correctly calibrated) in order to comply with the tightening torques indicated by the manufacturer in the user manual that will be supplied with the handlebar itself.

Included with the handlebar is a kit containing mounting paste and abrasive material for surface preparation. Using the assembly paste it is possible to increase the grip between the integrated handlebar and the fork head tube, thus reducing the tightening torque of the screws and consequently the mechanical stress on both components.

Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero Handlebar

The Nexum Drag handlebar can be made with both the 3K Twill and Unidirectional UD natural carbon weave, in both cases you can choose whether with a glossy or matte finish. The unidirectional UD finish, having a purely aesthetic character, covers the central part of the handlebar with the exception of the area which is then covered by the handlebar tape and also carries with it an estimated weight increase of about ten grams.

Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag Ultralight Integrated Road Aero Handlebar

The graphics are adhesive type (removable and replaceable) made with high quality adhesive supports. They are available in various colors and can be customized (specify the handlebar finish and the desired graphic color in the order notes or by sending us a subsequent communication via e-mail).


The extreme lightness of the Nexum Drag handlebar does not however come at the expense of safety or reliability and performance, it is in fact a very high quality product and therefore safe, which complies with the regulations and passes the ISO 4210-2 safety tests. For its design, advanced CAD software was used and FEM finite element analyzes were performed, as well as laboratory and homologation tests.

The Darimo Carbon Nexum Drag handlebar resists the loads required by the legislation without breaking, these loads are considered for a set of biker weight plus bike clothing and accessories equal to 110 kg. In the case of bikers weighing more than 90 kg, we still recommend opting for a reinforced version that can be made on request and increases stiffness and consequent driving precision. The reinforced version is a little heavier but has got the same price.

Darimo Carbon products are artisanal products, handmade and offered with different degrees of customization both in terms of size, lamination and finishes offered. Keeping a complete warehouse of all the available variables is sometimes difficult even for Darimo itself, which usually does not keep stock but makes to order.

The products we have available in stock are indicated as "IN STOCK". All other combinations that do not bear this indication, but the indication "TO ORDER" must be ordered specifically with average supply times of about 8-10 weeks (please contact us anyway for an updated estimate of waiting times).

These products are to be considered made to order and therefore fall outside the canonical right of withdrawal for remote sales and require full advance payment. Cash on delivery is therefore excluded for this type of product.

All Darimo Carbon parts are 100% Made in Spain!


darimo carbon made in spain

Data sheet

Weight :
245 gr. (120/400 mm) +/- 5% (UD finishing + 10 gr.)
Construction :
Length :
70-80-90-100-110-120-130 mm
Width :
360-380-400-420-440 mm (center/center)
Steer tube clamp diameter :
1.1/8" (also 1.1/4" in the future)
Angles :
Upsweep :
Reach :
77 mm
Drop :
128 mm
Material :
High quality carbon fiber
Finish :
3k twill or UD, glossy or matte
Graphics :
Fork clamp height :
34 mm
Use :
Road Racing
Fitting :
With computer mount (not included)
Max rider weight :
90 kg
Compatibility with internal cable routing :
Yes, with many frames on the market through special adapters (sold separately)
Flare :
0°, 6°. 16+5 (flare out) Gravel Version